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          • WHAT IS PP?

          • Polypropylene, also known by the initials PP, is nowadays one of the most commonly used materials on the market. It is used in the production of textiles, laboratory materials, vehicle components, and more.

            The advantages of PP include the following:

            • High melting point (nearly 160ºC), meaning it is classed as a thermoplastic
            • High mechanical 
            • High chemical resistance
            • Low moisture absorption
            • Lightness
            • Electrical insulation

            Owing to its versatility and exceptional resistance, PP is found in many different objects, including:

            • Plastic sheeting
            • Vehicle components and parts
            • Electronic components
            • Electrical components
            • Food packaging
            • Cosmetics products
            • Industrial materials
            • Textiles
            • Ropes
            PP is a recyclable material: its Resin Identification Code is 5.
          • pp

          • PP regranulate (injection grade) 
          • PP regrinds (injection grade) 
          • PP pellets (several colours) from crates or battery cases.
          • PP regrind, washed, (several colours) from crates or battery cases.