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          • WHAT IS LDPE?

          • Low-density polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer made from multiple units of ethylene. It is part of the olefin family. It is also known as LDPE, or PEBD in Spanish.

            Properties and characteristics

            LDPE is extremely flexible and is resistant to impacts, chemical products and high temperatures.

            It has a milky colour, and if it is very thick it can become almost entirely transparent. It is very easy to process via injection or extrusion.

            LDPE is a recyclable material: Its Resin Identification Code is 4.

            Applications and uses

            The flexibility of LDPE makes it ideal for the manufacture of plastic bags and sacks and clear film, for both domestic and industrial use.

            It can also be used for toys, cables, packaging, caps, milk cartons, detergent containers, vehicle parts, tubing, and more.
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          •  LDPE, LLDPE or LLDPE/LDPE film regranulate
          • Bales of LDPE and LLDPE film
          • The film is sorted, shredded, washed and extruded into granulate. Several filterings and colour-shades.  Common applications include the manufacture of refuse sacks and irrigation hoses.
          • These provide the raw material for the production of regranulate.