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      • Our mission is to give a second life to plastic waste in order to contribute to the circular economy and help build a more sustainable world, while at the same time creating value for shareholders and making every effort to maximise the well-being of everyone involved with the company.

        • RECYCLED POLYMERS EUROPE, S.L.U. is an expert in the management, processing and international commercialization of recycled plastics.

          Recycled Polymers Europe is an initiative created by a number of international companies that have dedicated themselves to the production and export of secondary raw materials for the last 35 years.

          We offer the European market high-quality materials, reliability, nearby commercial connections, fast response times and competitive sales conditions.
          Our group of shareholders also includes VENEZOLANA DE RECICLAJE, C.A., which is one of the leading producers of recycled plastics in Venezuela and transforms locally sourced plastic waste into high-quality secondary raw materials.

          Each year, Venezolana de Reciclaje processes an average of more than 20,000 metric tonnes and exports its products to over 30 countries around the world.

          For more information visit www.venrecicla.com
          Our materials come from our own factory and other producers of recycled plastics in Latin America and the Caribbean. Regardless of the materials’ country of origin, they are all subject to the same management processes with regard to quality controls, consistency and full traceability, and have the same guarantees.

          Some of our materials come from areas where plastic waste is susceptible to ending up in the oceans (ocean-bound plastics) and is certified accordingly.

          Our extensive experience in the reprocessing of plastic waste enables us to offer the plastic-processing industry a range of high-quality plastic regrinds, flakes and regranulates, thereby helping companies to meet their environmental targets.

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